Vim’s (neovim in my case) location list can provide some very useful information while developing. Mine gives me information about linting and type checking errors with fairly little config. Generally, it sits nicely at the bottom of the screen and barely affects me. …

In python data science/engineering most of our data is in the form of some sort of table, typically a DataFrame from a library like pandas, spark, or dask.

DataFrames are the heart of most pipelines

These containers for data contain many convenient methods to manipulate table-like data structures. …

What does it take to create an installable python package that can be hosted on pypi?

What is the minimal python package

  • setup.py
  • my_module.py

This post is somewhat inspired by the bottle framework, which is famously created as a single python module. Yes, a whole web framework is written in one file.

Directory structure

├── setup.py
└── my_pipeline.py

Replacing text based on whats in the current search register is a quite handy tool that I use often. I believe I picked this tip up from Nic Janetakis, check out his YouTube channel for some amazing vim tips.

If there is one thing that I Like most about…

I use my ipython terminal daily. It’s my go to way of running python most of the time. After you use it for a little bit you will probably want to setup a bit of your own configuration.

install ipython

Activate your virtual environment of choice and pip install it. Any time…

Replacing text in vim can be quite frustrating especially since it doesn’t have
live feedback to what is changing. Today I was watching Josh Branchaud’s
Vim-Unalphabet series on Youtuve and realized that his vim was doing this and I
had to have it.

Waylon Walker

https://waylonwalker.com/ I am a self taught python developer, with a background in Mechanical Engineering. During the day I mostly do Data Engineering, with a

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